The Canadian Association of Career Educators and Employers (CACEE) is a national non-profit partnership of employer recruiters and career services professionals. Our mission is to provide authoritative information, advice, professional development opportunities and other services to employers, career services professionals, and students.

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Happy Canada Day! posted on 11:14 AM, June 26, 2014
Happy Canada Day! As we head into Canada Day, the true start to Canadian summer, CACEE President Nancy Moulday, the Board of Directors, the staff and I wish you all a happy, and relaxing July and August....
CACEE’s Annual Campus Recruitment and Benchmark Survey posted on 11:18 AM, June 24, 2014
To all Canadian career educators & employers, CACEE’s annual Campus Recruitment and Benchmark Survey has now been released to our community! We invite all Canadian employers who hire students or...
Volunteer Transition posted on 6:27 AM, June 19, 2014
To all CACEE members, Welcome to the 2014-15 CACEE year! It was a pleasure to see so many of you at the 2014 National Conference. Once more, I’d like to thank Jennifer, Michele, and all of the members...
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